Howto: Stay Safe When Computing


1) Choose a password between 8-15 characters.

2) For a strong password you should mix letters with numbers.


-Never put information that other people know or may guess like your favorite team.

-Put a password that has nothing to do with you.

-Set a password that you will remember.

-You should not tell your password to anyone.


Before you post anything on the web you should always think.

You should not put some information or do some things otherwise you're putting yourself under problems and maybe even damage your future. Some of the actions or information you shouldn't do while surfing on the web are :

    • cell & home phone numbers
    • home address
    • sexual messages
    • inappropriate pictures and video

Also you should respect other people while you're on the Internet.

So for instance you will not

    • post anything rude, offensive, or threatening
    • send or forward images and information that might embarrass, hurt, or harass someone
    • take anyone's personal information and use it to damage his or her reputation

If you are one of these people who like to meet with people via online websites such as Penpalworld , Facebook, Twitter, etc.., there is a couple of reminders if one day you are going to meet with the person you've been talking with so far:

You should always :

    • ask your parent or guardian's permission before going
    • have a parent or guardian accompany you
    • meet in a public place
      1. Finally , if someone makes me feel uncomfortable or if someone is rude or offensive, I will
      • not respond
      • save the evidence
      • tell my parent, guardian, or another trusted adult
      • report to the website, cell phone company, or the police