Howto: Use The School Email

    1. Go to Gmail.
    2. Enter your email address given to you by the school and password in the right place
    3. Click Sign in

You can click on stay signed in if you want to stay logged in.

Click on the email to see it.

With Gmail you can :

-(1) : Mark some emails as unread so you can maybe read it again later.

-(2)Mark an email as not important if it's not a school-related email or an advertisement.

-(3)Add an email to Task; so for example if a teacher sends you a homework you can make it as a Task in a little box.

-(4)You can add a star if you think that an email is important.

-(5) If some emails are repetitive and annoying you can filter them so they don't appear anymore

-(6)If some emails annoys you but you still want to see them , instead of filtering them you could just mute them so you don't receive anymore notifications.

You can make a folder with other similar messages or messages from the same class.

You can delete message with the delete button or archive the with the folder that has an arrow drawn on it.


-You should at least check your emails once or twice a day.

-Remember that when you're using the school email you should not send any appropriate content.

-You shouldn't any valuable or personal information while using the school email.