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Schoolwide announcements can be sent to Caroline, who can post them on Focus.


NB. Elementary Teachers take daily attendance only. Secondary teachers and specials take attendance for each period.

  • Attendance > Take Attendance

Students are marked “Present” by default.

Mark ALL absent students as absent. The office will make corrections if necessary (excused absences)

Attendance chart:

  • Attendance Chart shows attendance per student in chart format (per day); looks blank until your classes begin and there’s data to show. It is possible to set the timeframe for the attendance range by selecting the required dates and updating the chart.

Advanced Report:

  • Advanced Report generates customized student reports such as parent contact information, attendance per quarter/semester, et cetera

Students > Advanced Report: Select the class and/or students you wish in the 'More Search Options' window.

Combining views of classes that are separate but are actually together

  • My Information > Preferences > “Combine sections in the same period for taking attendance


Adding/editing/deleting assignments: Grades > Gradebook Assignments

  • Add categories by clicking the “+” icon. You’ll get a warning if all your categories don’t add up to 100% for weighting purposes.
  • Click on a category to see assignments within that category.
  • Click the “+” to add assignments
  • Click on an assignment to edit it
  • When you add an assignment, if you put in a backward slash “ / “ for the point value, when you look at an assignment in the gradebook it will show a checkbox for completion instead of letting you put in points. This is useful for when you are scaffolding a project with checkpoints and want those checkpoints to be apparent in the gradebook.

Recording grades: Grades > Gradebook

  • You can enter a point value and then hit “Return” to go to the next student.
  • Put in an asterisk “ * “ if you don’t want the assignment to count for points
  • Your grades will appear immediately to the student (keep a separate gradebook and put them in later if you want to control the release of grades)

Combining views of classes that are separate but are actually together

  • My Information > Preferences > “Combine sections for gradebook

Tracking Service Learning: Service Learning Spreadsheet

This is shared via Google Drive and can be accessed via the Focus homepage - "Faculty Resources" > Shared Attendance/Scoring Documents

  • All faculty has access - record for student as necessary
  • The sheet will be available once enrollment is finalized

Disciplinary referrals

  • Add/edit/delete a referral: Discipline > Add Referral
  • Search existing records: Discipline > Referrals

Student information

  • Getting class lists
  • Retrieving parent contact information


  • Is there something you would want to know besides Moodle & Report Cards/Progress Report procedures (these will be covered later)?

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Focus documentation

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